If you are not in showbusiness – but need very special help

Sometimes, in the daily work in normal companies you come across unusual problems that needs to be solved quickly, and you don’t know whom to ask, we will be proud to help you out. No, we are not talking about the “Jason Bourne”-type people in action films that “solve problems” and makes them go away in a brutal way.
No, we offer our expertise of solving mechanical problems. We are very good in two main areas:

When you are in a real hurry and need products from another part of the world

We have the capacity to quickly arrange products in a very short time. This is vital for if you simply need products quickly but you have little time until your deadline. In record breaking time we have arranged cardboard mannequins, unusual collets, robot controlling PC-boards from Japan, a stuffed moose head, fireworks, prop machine guns, an animated firework sign, a dozen green, colour matched ties, self-adhesive coded bracelets for people control, 25 kilos of confetti and much more when there has been a rush for a grand opening, a big trade show or for similar deadline that could not be changed. If your normal channels are too slow – ask us, and we can almost always help you to get the products much faster than all others.

When you need something unusual that does not exist

Thanks to our background it is likely that we can specially build a prototype, a short run for evaluating mass production, something for a grand opening or something to test on a smaller group of people. Examples are security equipment like personal radio controlled robbery alarms for casinos, a test-run of thousand diapers for a testing facility before approval by authorities, testing equipment including pumps, maybe bullet hit pants we did for military field practice to stop beeding under realistic conditions, medical punched tapes to keep needles in place during helicopter transport of patients. We have also made several “celebration videos” for co-workers for their retirement farewell party with unforgettable video greetings from celebrities around the world.  Other examples are creative solutions of modernizing classic sports using cutting edge technology, moveable walls for studios, rain rigs for testing waterproofed containers, automatic celebration boxes, or maybe a guided trip in Hollywood to the finest of special effects companies… In record time we built a radio-controlled ice tractor for use in hockey-rinks all over Sweden.

Or that time when we arranged a theme party for 1200 guests in three weeks planning. The party included rebuilding the interior of a sports arena, fake printed “airline tickets”, a simulated plane trip with “customs control” including X-ray, seven different country themes (with a scale model of the Eiffel tower!) theme foods from 10 restaurants, musicians, country specific cars, – and a 12 meter huge earth globe that exploded and transformed into a stage for the performers.

If you need something that is difficult to find through your normal suppliers – ask us!