FX for TV

Since 196 we have created FX for TV shows and commercials, and we have created a multitude of exploding items and action props for Swedish, German and US productions.

Everything from small short circuits and confetti to staging big accidents, breaking cables, burning toasters, plane crashes, exploding walls as well as live TV events and “Late night…” productions with big stars like Dolph Lundgren and Lionel Richie but also local stars like Carola, The Herrey Brothers and also build mechanical remote controlled “Robot sidekicks” for talk-shows and more.

FX for film

For films, we have created bigger effects like accidents, burning houses, explosions, mortar hits, rain, fog, snow and wind. We are also creating effects for the violent sector like shootouts, bullet-hits, squibs, monsters, blood, wounds and gore.

In addition, we also create more humorous  smaller-scaled effects like action props like fall-apart toilets, misbehaving apparatus, breakaway glassware, cars that misfire on cue, animals that breath fire, or humans with smoking body parts.

FX for stage

This is where we started our trade, and the first effect on stage we did was a smoking telephone handset. Since then, we evolved to indoor fireworks and later had actors disappear, appear, transform, vomit, grow in length, “projectile crying”, bleed when singing, had pneumatic muscles and bumps on the head to appear, and rigs for actors to produce fire and sparks from body, floor or walls. Or bleeding profusely using radio-controlled containers that are pressurized to be completely silent during use.

We also make unusual props like a champagne bottle that pop the cork on cue. And we are very proud over the 21 meter propane fire, encircling “the Devil” at an opera. At the time of writing, we are involved in shooting an actor across the stage, and building a propane-fed hat worn by an actor. The hat is ignited by pressing a button – and extinguishes when releasing it.

Let's Get In Touch!

Give us a call or send us an email and describe the problem you need help with. We are looking forward to hearing about your project. If it is a possessed chandlier, a champagne bottle that must pop it's cork on cue, a realistic-looking animal that really does not exist, a smoking telephone handset or fake concrete to pour over an actor -
we are looking forward to your call!

We also solve unusual problems for companies not in the show-business where you simply do not know whom to ask. If you need 100 mannequins in record time, maybe need a silent alarm system for your casino staff, or must have products assembled in clean-room conditions for medical evaluation. Or a celebration box for a retiring colleague. If you need something unusually quick - or if it is strange and uncommon  - we can probably help.
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