The Abyss
Poltergeist II
Besökarna (The Visitors)
Coq Rouge
Big Man on Campus
Junior High
Dick Tracy
Days of Our Lives

TV commercials:
Swedish TV
Start cereal
Dunkin´ Donuts´

Sports arena
Umea University
Umea Energy
Volvo S40
Cinema Art
Finnish gymnastics championship
Obbola bridge
Grand opening – skating rink
Stockholm 750-anniversary

Grand opening of mall.


Type of effect:
Collapsing crane
Cloud Tank
Total effect responsibility
Breakaway glass
Monster mechanics
Total effect responsibility
Cableworks – flying actor
Dry Ice Smoke
Fake concrete and breakaway walnuts
Car crash, explosion
Bullet hits, flying actors
Multiple squib-work.

Type of effect:
Sweeney gun
Atmospheric smoke
Exploding christmas tree glass balls
Exploding TV-set
Remote controlled fall-apart room
Flying actor
Bullet hit in donut Bullet hit in donut

Type of effect:
Giant exploding soccer balls with helium balloon release
Confetti cannons, balloon release
Balloon décor
Simulated blasting
Short circuits
Candy cannon 150 pounds
flash-appearing phone, balloon release
Gorilla from fire curtain, inverted balloon banners
High explosives and pyrotechnics
Balloon logo and balloon release
Exploding balloon release
Grand firework display
Pyro, massive confetti release, exploding balloon release.
Largest balloon release in Sweden – 20 000 balloons. Also 20 huge exploding balloons transforming into balloon clusters.
Huge parcels revealing entrances when opened. Release of 10 000 balloons from four places.
Revolving question marks, smoke, sparks, confetti bombs.

Experience and References

We have experience from a large number of events with both planning, execution and evaluation. Below is a video with clips from film productions where we did the special effects.

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