The clever aerosol

$ 9.56

A most unusual product that we have supplied so many times so that we are now bringing this in to our regular stock.



A pre-filled spray can with NOTHING – exept compressed gas. It looks just like you are spraying insecticides, deodorant, or laquer from the can (make your own label) but everything evaporates without any residue.

Often used on stage, when you want to give the impression that the actor is spraying hairspray on the hairdo, without the hassle of adding chemicals to the wig – or clogging the microphone in the wig. Commonly used for the girl preparing for the “night out” or before meeting “prince charming”. Also good as it looks like you are adding deodorant, but you are not spraying any perfumes in the air, to the benefit for both actors and audience.

Shoots a nice plume of “smoke” from the nozzle (looks much better than in the photo), but everything evaporates and leaves no solid matter behind. Flammable gas, so do not spray towards open flame, cigarettes or naked skin. Shipping cost may be higher than indicated and will be calculated depending on your shipping address.