Pressurized liquid tank

$ 139.71

A container from aluminum with a built-in riser (dippper tube) and may be used for a self-contained pressurized liquid container. Just fill with liquid and top off with compressed air via the tyre valve, and you are ready.



Perfect for your splatter film or for the clown who wants to cry “jet-tears” enemating from the glasses/spectacles, seemingly from the corners of the eyes. Or that classic comedy western scene where someone gets hit by bullets – and the victim drinks a refreshing glass of water – spouting from the “bullet holes” in the stomach. Arrange a tremendous amount of sweat, like that scene in “Airplane”, or connect to a teeny water pistol for an exaggerated result!

May also be used as the source for “The human fountain” for magicians (described by Dunninger etc) where water spouts from “anywhere”.

May also be used only filled with compressed air, for inflating balloons, muscle bladders in the arms of a superhero or bumps on the head.

Hide the tank on the calf – under the trousers/pants, on the back, or hidden inside costumes.

Supplied with a ball valve. May be filled with 200 psi or 12 bars of air pressure. Made from aluminium with brass parts. Choose liquid accordingly. The product is suppled as in the photo – you will have to rig other valves or inventions etc. yourself.