When you need unusual solutions

When you need unusual solutions2

Pyrotechnics, bullet hits, breakaway glass

Everything from comedy action props
to action sequences

We are specialized on quick solutions for your production

Our Services

Our main focus is mechanical special effects and these have been featured in thousands of major motion pictures, commercials, and music videos all around the world. We rig everything – from smaller things like simulated short circuits to comedy props like wilting flowers or self-igniting cigars – to the bigger stuff like propane-rigs for operas, explosion, wind or squirting blood rigs for operas or films. But we also make jobs that are less common for us – like training pants for NATO field surgeons, music videos a vomit-rig for a musician, or radio-controlled, secret gadgets that magicians don’t want you to know about – as well as the more common confetti for grand openings or fiber optics for decorative purposes. Our inventions have been shown thousands of times in both small and big productions. But every so often we also assist normal companies that need an odd piece of machinery, or something ordinary – but with unusually short lead-times. You see, we have the ability to build or find the most unusual products you can think of. And faster than our colleagues in the business. So when you need something unusual and don’t really know whom to ask – send us an email!

FX for TV

Since 1996 we have created FX for TV shows and commercials, and we have created a multitude…

Effects for films

We have made both small gimmics and big controlled chaos like explosions, accidents in both Sweden and the USA.

FX for stage

This is where we started our trade, and the first effect on stage we did was a smoking telephone handset…

FX-education for you

Learn to be a certified pyrotechnician or visit the best special effects companies in the US…

The Air Squib

The bullet hit simulator that is used all over the world for safe, bloody bullet hits in actors.

Special Solutions for regular companies

Unusual prototypes, electronics, mock-ups, rest runs – in record time. If you can dream it – we can build it!

Let's Get In Touch!

Give us a call or send us an email and describe the problem you need help with. We are looking forward to hearing about your project. If it is a possessed chandlier, a champagne bottle that must pop it's cork on cue, a realistic-looking animal that really does not exist, a smoking telephone handset or fake concrete to pour over an actor -
we are looking forward to your call!

We also solve unusual problems for companies not in the show-business where you simply do not know whom to ask. If you need 100 mannequins in record time, maybe need a silent alarm system for your casino staff, or must have products assembled in clean-room conditions for medical evaluation. Or a celebration box for a retiring colleague. If you need something unusually quick - or if it is strange and uncommon  - we can probably help.
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